Neighborhoods Beyond the Yarkon is the general name for those that are north of the Yarkon River, in northern Tel Aviv. These neighborhoods comprise 41% of the city’s area (They cover 21,000 dunams.) and house 24% of the city’s population.

The northern neighborhoods have been developing gradually, and it is here that most of today’s new residential construction is taking place in Tel Aviv. These areas of Tel Aviv have been in great demand since the establishment of the state, because they are relatively close to the center of the city, but far enough away to be quiet, suburban neighborhoods. To this day most of them function as bedroom communities and are not connected to the urban fabric of central Tel Aviv.

The neighborhoods are divided into two groups: The northwestern neighborhoods, which are west of the Ayalon Highway, are defined as Quarter No. 1 in the municipality’s administrative division, and the northeastern neighborhoods, east of the Ayalon, are defined as Quarter No. 2. These two areas are connected (east to west) by a single thoroughfare — Keren Kayemet Leyisrael Boulevard. Rokach Boulevard, another main transportation axis, passes through the two areas and connects them to the Yarkon River and to central Tel Aviv.

All the neighborhoods beyond the Yarkon operate independently of the city center in terms of community services (schools, preschools, health), and house several important sites that serve the entire city and its metropolitan area such as Tel-Aviv University, Seminar Hakibuzim Collage, Dov Hoz airport, Kiryat Shaul Cemetery, Ramat Hachayal business center, and the larger part of Ha’yarkon park.

North Hayarkon Neighborhoods