About Domestic Real Estate

Established in 2014, Domastic Real Estate specializes in marketing apartments for sale in the city of Tel Aviv, focusing on the city center – from the Old North neighborhood located south of Hayarkon Park to Neve Tzedek and North Jaffa. The company was founded by Ran Binya, who holds a BA from the Hebrew University and an MBA from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Ran has worked successfully as an authorized real estate broker for 11 years.

The uniqueness of Domastic Real Estate in Tel Aviv

Domastic realty in Tel Aviv is placing the customer at the top of its list of priorities. Our service is based on personal attention, caring and impeccable professionalism.

Ran Binya, the founder of Domastic, is well versed in the deals and supply of apartments for sale in Tel Aviv. He contributes his experience and knowledge to each of the firm’s clients, thereby achieving better results in the negotiations for buying an apartment or selling an apartment.

Domestic Real Estate Brokerage office services

Domestic Real Estate provides a full basket of services to customers who wish to sell or buy an apartment in Tel Aviv.

Among other things we do:

  • Negotiation – We will conduct negotiations for you, so that the terms of employment will be best for you.
  • Locating buyers for your apartment – For those seeking to sell an apartment, the firm will assist in locating and screening serious, mature and reliable buyers that the property is suitable for them.
  • Marketing Plan – Setting up a marketing system for the sale of the apartment, while advertising the apartment for sale in a variety of different media and by other means (all of which will be detailed in a consultation meeting with us). All this in order to create the most appropriate and effective exposure and thus reach the customers that your apartment meets exactly the needs.
  • Locating apartments for sale – We will find for you the apartments for sale that best suits your needs in Tel Aviv, and we will not waste your time visiting apartments for sale that do not suit you.
  • Due diligence of the apartment data – the brokerage firm will check that the apartment for sale is properly registered and permitted for sale, that the apartment does not have a warning note or any other factor (and there are many factors) that may interfere with the transaction.
  • Recommended team of professionals – Domestic and Ran Binya have a long-standing personal acquaintance with various professionals you, buyers or sellers in Tel Aviv may need their services. We will only recommend you to trusted professionals with proven experience that we personally know and trust.

Our name attests to our “credo” – real estate brokerage in Tel Aviv

The name of the real estate agency implies the guiding principle of its activity, according to which the expertise of an apartment broker is measured by adapting an apartment or property to its potential owner, since the most important parameter when examining an apartment for sale or when purchasing an apartment is the home feeling that the apartment gives to its occupants.

When buying a suitable apartment, the buyer of the apartment is expected to enjoy many years of pleasure, while purchasing an apartment that is not suitable may create frustration and discomfort. Therefore, we at the Domastic real estate office place an emphasis on adapting the apartments to the buyers’ needs and character, so we measure our success as real estate brokers in Tel Aviv. The firm provides close personal accompaniment to its clients throughout the process of searching for an apartment for sale, until finding the suitable apartment and ending with the successful conclusion of the agreement for the purchase of an apartment. Ran Binya, the founder of the Domastic brokerage firm, personally accompanies all transactions for the sale or purchase of an apartment in the office, in order to ensure that the service received by the client is professional and high quality, and that the transaction will be successful and will be prepared in the best conditions for you.

DOMESTIC – Our Passion. Your Home

Buying a house or selling an apartment in Tel Aviv involves a lot of money, feelings, hopes and dreams. Domastic brokerage invests all efforts to help each client find the perfect answer to his dreams and aspirations, under the best conditions. Our guiding principle is “the person at the center” – and therefore we are meticulous in getting to know our customers in depth, attentive to their needs, advising them from our rich and professional experience with personal and warm attention.

Domestic realty deals with apartments for sale for different populations, and we make sure to accommodate you the ideal apartment for you!

We accompany our customers all the way, until the best deal is completed.

For further details and to make an appointment without commitment, call 03-6489698

We will be happy to meet you and join you with our satisfied customers.