The New North “Hatzafon Hahadash”  is the name of that part of Tel Aviv which stretches from Ibn Gvirol Street in the west to Namir Road in the east, and from the Yarkon River in the north to Shaul Hamelech Boulevard in the south. The area’s official name is not commonly used; it is usually referred to mistakenly as the Old North.

Construction in this area began in 1948 and continued intensively until the 1980s, by which time the land reserves were largely depleted. The architectural styles are varied, and the streets are generally considerably wider than those in the Old North. Most of the construction consists of four- or five-story apartment buildings, as in the older parts of Tel Aviv, but on lots that are 50% larger than those in the Old North and in Lev Ha’ir.

Starting in the 1980s, and to a great extent also today, there has been substantial construction of residential towers, as well as of single-family homes on some streets and in a few smaller neighborhoods.

The New North area is divided into several sub-areas: the Yehuda Maccabi – Milano neighborhood, bounded by the Yarkon Park in the north and Pinkas Street in the south; the Kikar HaMedina area, stretching from Pinkas Street in the north to Arlosoroff in the south; and the Ichilov-Nehardea-Dubnov area, which stretches from Arlosoroff in the north to Shaul Hamelech in the south.

This area has several well-known sites, such as the Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov), Tel Aviv Museum, the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, courthouses, the Akirov Towers, and, of course, Kikar HaMedina, with its luxury stores and international designer shops.

Kikar Hamedina Tel Aviv